30 October 2010

Festival float threading a narrow street

We recently had an autumn festival in my town in Osaka, Japan. This wooden float can be thought as a movable shrine, which is to deliver fortune to homes.



15 October 2010

With the background of autumn colour

Although I do not know the name of the small white flower, the yellow leaves on the ground are of cherry trees.



秋来ぬと目にはさやかに見えねども風の音にぞおどろかれぬる (古今集・藤原敏行)

11 October 2010

A small pub called Yoko in Osaka, Japan

John Lennon would have been 70 on 9th October if he had not been assassinated by the CIA/FBI (George H.W. Bush?). He would say that nothing had changed seeing the world full of deception and corruption.


10月9日はJohn Lennonの誕生日。生きてたら今年70歳ということで世界各地で催物があるらしい。彼がCIA/FBIに暗殺されてから30年経つが、この欺瞞に満ち腐敗した世界を見れば何も変わってないねと嘆くだろう。

02 October 2010

Receiving the strong sunlight

This is a soft sun-shade for the cigarette vending machines. I rather focused on the silky reflection on the textile.