30 March 2011

Blooming with inspiration

I am often inspired by the nature although it never speaks to us with words.



26 March 2011

Osaka Castle in the winter light

Despite getting officially into the spring we are going through gloomy days.

While being overwhelmed by the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami on 3/11 we were seized by human disaster that Fukushima nuclear power plant was out of control having a possibility of melt down. Even now we are threatened by radioactive contamination of the air, water and food watching if we can avert catastrophe like Chernobyl.




20 March 2011

Resting in peace

For the victims of Japan disaster

We have been seeing dreadful devastation which was caused by the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March. Although the death toll is not confirmed yet it is said to be over 20,000. Seeing this horrific tragedy I cannot help feeling it should be the rage of the earth against humans who have destroyed the nature greedily and crazily.



09 March 2011

Baby blossom

This pink ume blossom looks like a baby with its small mouth open.



05 March 2011

The scarlet in the air

Although this scarlet ume blossom is very small it can attract us with its striking colour and vivid expression.



03 March 2011

The rite of blossoms

As these ume blossoms are winter plants, this festive scene would be an overture to the spring. Just a note that the title was borrowed from a masterpiece "The rite of spring" of Stravinsky.