28 November 2011

Life of flowers

The life of flowers is so short. But they are to bloom again in spring.

Scattered petals
With a promise
To bloom again

(haiku by me)


儚くも 散りし花びら 拡がれど 心は遠く 春への想い (拙作)

25 November 2011

City of election

We have an election for the mayor of Osaka on 27th November. A woman was walking by the election board with a look at two candidates.



20 November 2011

The light on the petals

This silky pink rose is called Dainty Bess, which looks literally modest and delicate. The evening light made it into an exquisite work but the beauty was really transient.


この Dainty Bess と呼ばれるバラは文字通り控え目で繊細なものである。それは夕暮れの光で精妙な作品へと変わったがその美しさは束の間のものであった。

18 November 2011

In the sunlight

This amber-pink rose, Lavender Pinocchio, looked very pleased in the brisk autumn sunlight.


このバラ( Lavender Pinocchio )も秋の爽やかな光の中でとても愉しそうでした。

13 November 2011

Flame of passion

This crimson rose is called Sarabande. As the name suggests it looks like a flame of passion.



10 November 2011

Pastoral afternoon

A worker was taking a rest in Osaka Castle Park in the afternoon. Despite on-going Fukushima nuclear crisis and mounting public debts, Osaka seems to be peaceful at least for now.




07 November 2011

In the evening

This rose is called Minuette, which looks very cute and graceful. It seemed as if it was saying good-bye to the fading light in the evening.


これは Minuette と呼ばれるとてもかわいらしい上品なバラ。夕暮れ時、それはあたかも消えゆく光にさよならを告げているような風情だった。

夕暮れや 光を惜しむ 秋の花 (拙作)

05 November 2011

Parading to the shrine

Although they finished their autumn festival late in October, they recently paraded again with 11 floats to a shrine in Osaka Castle Park to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the reconstruction of Osaka castle.



03 November 2011

Warm lighting at the festival

This is a picture of Japanese lanterns hanging from the roof of a festival float. I think that this lighting system can provide us with one of the warmest light in the world.