30 June 2011

With seven buds

When I see this kind of scene I often feel that it looks like a princess with some dwarfs. Anyway this orange-pink rose is called Favorite.



27 June 2011

Luminous yellow

If I have to choose just one colour for roses it would be yellow, the colour of this rose called Golden Medallion. I cannot come up with specific reason for that but just think yellow roses are definitely elegant.



25 June 2011

Heat wave breakdown

Although we are officially in the rainy season we have recently had burning days of around 33 degrees Celsius instead of rain. So I've been exhausted by the boiling air. And this cat also seems to be worn out by the heat wave.



24 June 2011

Black and white

As the temperature is getting higher, this cat seems to be a little bit unpleasant.



22 June 2011

Photographer in paradise

I understand that he was probably feeling to be in paradise surrounded by many beautiful roses.



20 June 2011

Fragrant smile

I often feel as if flowers were sending message to us. This mauve rose - Blue Bayou - talked to me with fragrant smile.


私はよく花がメッセージを送ってくるような気がする時がある。この藤色のバラ(Blue Bayou)は馥郁とした微笑みで語りかけてきた。

18 June 2011

Blushing beauty

This beautiful rose is called Blush Rambler. I see this small flower as one of the cutest roses.


この美しいバラは Blush Rambler 。小さな蔓バラだが最もかわいらしいものの一つだろう。

17 June 2011

Swirl of petals

This pristine pink rose is called Queen of Sweden. I was enchanted with its fresh colour and swirling petals.


この清楚なピンクのバラは Queen of Sweden 。私はその新鮮な色合いと渦巻く花びらに魅了された。

16 June 2011

Wonder of the nature

Dandelions would generally look plain when they are in bloom. But they show the marvel of the nature when they are preparing to disperse their seeds. I feel that the parachute balls are perfect creation.



01 June 2011

Colour of the spring

To be honest I don't like poppies very much but it is certain that they play an important role in making the colour of the spring.