29 December 2011

Running through the city

This orange train is typical of Osaka Loop Line (operated by JR West) which connects 19 stations in the central Osaka. This year has marked the 50th anniversary of the railway and you can see the sign to celebrate it on the face of the train.


大阪環状線が全線開通したのは1961年の4月25日だという。したがって今年は50周年という特別な年であった。しかしながら一部の列車には記念ヘッドマークも付いているとはいえ、なぜか盛り上がらなかったようである。4/25 というのはJRにとって9/11や3/11のような悪夢の日なのかもしれない。

25 December 2011

Remains of the summer

This is a picture of a cicada's skin sticking to a sakura leaf in winter. Having survived rains and winds it is to go back to the earth soon with the leaf.



22 December 2011

Curtain of leaves

This is a picture of momiji leaves in the twilight, which looked like a curtain to lead the night to the ground.



20 December 2011

Fading light

I spotted this beautiful yellow leaf at a neighbouring shrine in the late afternoon. Although I don't know the name of the tree, I think this elegant leaf is going well with an atmosphere of a shrine.



17 December 2011

Sorrow in the autumn

This picture shows ginkgo (maidenhair tree) leaves which have turned yellow in the autumn. They were swinging in the breeze and looked to be afraid the day would come when they said good-bye to Mother Tree.



11 December 2011

Silent festivity

This is a picture of sakura (cherry) leaves which have turned yellow, orange or red in the autumn. It looked as if it was a festival of the leaves but not for joy.



10 December 2011

Autumn in the city

I tried to create an image of the collaboration between the autumn tree and the high-rise building.



03 December 2011

Fruitful autumn colour

This picture shows kaki (persimmon) fruits and leaves at a neighbouring shrine. Kaki is not only beautiful to see but also good to eat in the autumn.