26 January 2011

Elegant white blossom

This is an ume blossom which has just started to bloom in Osaka. As there are many types in ume trees we can see various blossoms almost until the end of March.



19 January 2011

Glow of a Japanese lantern

Japanese lanterns always provide us with soft and warm lights. Despite having such a fine culture, the cityscape in Japan is mostly filled with vulgar business activities.



16 January 2011

The lines of lights

This is a scene from Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Mall which is said to be the longest one in Japan with the length of 2.6km. As this arcade is close to a famous shrine, Tenmangu in Osaka, there are replicas of the gate of the shrine under the roof.



11 January 2011

Scene from a shrine in the New Year

Traditionally Japanese visit a shrine in the New Year to get a fortune. Although I need no fortune I just went to Tenmangu, a famous shrine in Osaka, to capture some fresh air. But I have to admit that I failed. This picture may tell something about it.



01 January 2011

Basking in the sun

New Year's message from a cat living in Osaka Castle Park

We never say "A Happy New Year". But we know the day is slowly getting longer and the warmth in the sun.